Medical Laboratory
Our medical office can perform any diagnostic lab tests offered by LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics by experienced Medical Assistant/Phlebotomists in our medical office in Pompano Beach. Cash prices are available for most tests including cholesterol, diabetes, and HIV tests. Our providers perform Papanicalou(Pap) smear exams and cash prices are available for Pap smears.

Ultrasound, Spirometry, and EKG
In partnership with Southeast Medical Imaging, we offer the following:

doppler ultrasound including echocardiogram of the heart and ultrasound of thyroid, abdominal organs including gallbladder, and pelvic ultrasound including uterus and ovaries. We can diagnose common problems such as gallstones, heart failure and obtain screening for dangerous conditions such as peripheral arterial disease, carotid stenosis and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

We now offer spirometry testing in the office. Spirometry is a simple office procedure required of the diagnosis of COPD, emphysema and asthma and useful to evaluate chronic cough and shortness of breath.

We have an AED, automatic electronic defibrillator in case of cardiac arrest emergencies.

Contact Us Today to Book An Appointment for these tests, call Fruna Lara, Asst Office Manager – Administration, at her direct line: (954) 942-2247, ext. 207.